Some Change Must Come

It's hard to admit when something you've invested so much of your energy and dreams into just isn't working. I find myself in that uncomfortable place now. Let me explain...

When I started crocheting 4 years ago, it became something of an obsession, as most of you know. Family and friends came to expect me to have a project in hand at every get-together; my husband adjusted to watching shows with the light on so I could see what I was doing with my yarn and hook. It was a non-stop addiction, and while it was gratifying, therein was the problem.

My hands began to hurt when I had a large order to fill and I was crocheting more than usual. I took up knitting, hoping that would use slightly different muscles and alleviate the pain, but it added its own stress to my hands and wrists. And the pain gradually became more and more frequent. It even dampened my enthusiasm for spinning, since spinning, while much easier on the hands, is not as fun when your hands are in pain. It got to the point this last Christmas where I was taking pain medication and using ointments just to get through orders. I developed cysts on three knuckles. Lovely things.

But I was so invested in my work and my vision, there was no way I was going to close up shop. My friend Sarah from Mama Knows Luxury showed me a tutorial on handknitting, and I felt some hope. Here was something I could do without extra strain on my hands!

Then I started to connect with knit and crochet designers who wanted to use my yarns in their designs, something I had only ever dreamed of.

And, right after Christmas, I was accepted as the crochet editor for BellaOnline, a website with something for everyone. A few weeks into the training course, I suddenly realized that writing and yarn are pretty on par as passions for me, and I've been setting writing (and reading) aside in favour of the work that goes into making finished crochet and knitwear products!

So, long story short, I'm choosing to go along with what seems the universe's plan for myself and I'll still have a few finished items, mostly super bulky knits, and I'll be focusing more on yarn making and pattern design, as well as empowering crafters through my work over at BellaOnline. Feel free to follow me there at

I hope you'll all join me in this new approach, and feel free to continue to ask me for custom orders. I love working with your vision to co-create beautiful things, thoughtfully made.

Much love,


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