Some Change Must Come

It's hard to admit when something you've invested so much of your energy and dreams into just isn't working. I find myself in that uncomfortable place now. Let me explain...

Rag Rug Tutorial

Many households have unused sheets stashed away in cupboards, begging to be given a new life, but if you’re looking for a sweet, down-home addition to your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, and don’t have sheets of your own, they’re easy to find in an array of colours at your local thrift store.

What I Want to Say

UPDATE January 18, 2017:: I wrote this in the afterglow of Christmas, and saved it privately, unsure of whether it was worth sharing. But I reread it tonight, and I do think it worth sharing. I still feel the truth of everything I wrote that night. Much love!

It's a Beautiful Thing

Where Credit is Due

I posted on Instagram a few minutes ago about having grace, even when people promise you the world, and give you an atlas. It's true, there's a lot of need for grace when you're running a nbusiness and dealing with people. Because you're going to screw up, and they're going to screw up. It happens.

Messy Success & Straight-Up Failure

I had to laugh it off when a well-meant friend referred to my adventure with as my "sort of" business. The fact is, it's true: I've "sort of" seen some successes. I've also seen a lot of failures. I've had a steep learning curve, and until lately, I've hesitated to call what I do a real business venture, comparing myself to others I perceive as more successful.

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Kindness Always Comes Back

There's a whole lot of potential in a ball of yarn. It can inspire, or bring simple joy, or become something meaningful and transcendent in the right hands.

Slaying (and making) Dragons

Synthetic Fibres: are they worth the cost?


The very first time I went on a mission to buy yarn, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was working on building a successful career in the healthcare field, and I simply wanted to make something for my daughter for Christmas. My assistant crocheted, so I figured I could get her to help me. Little did I know crocheting would change my life.

What's in a Name?

I thought maybe it was time to explain the name of my brand. It's pretty simple, actually, and totally reflective of my personal weirdness. Are you ready for this?

"Ilex" is the Latin scientific name for the holly plant. I thought it fitting to name my company after myself, as so many people do, but disguising it in Latin sounded a little better to the shy side of me.

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